Warranty Information from Houston, TX’s Most Trusted Window & Door Company

We understand that a window or door replacement could be a large and expensive undertaking. That’s why we make sure to offer several warranties to protect your investment. When you team up with us for your exterior remodeling project, you can expect to receive:

  • A limited lifetime warranty on all our products – When you purchase one of our entry doors, you’ll receive a limited warranty for a one-year period. This covers your door, sidelights, and transoms in case you notice warpage or separation of joints.
  • Impressive manufacturer’s warranties from Pella® – Pella replacement windows are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business. Warranties vary based on product selection.

Please note that our products are all custom and require accurate dimensions, style choices, wood species, and more. In cases where we receive inaccurate information, it is unfortunately not covered under warranty. However, if we fail to make the product according to your specific dimensions and specifications, then we will gladly take care of the issue.

Warranty Exclusions

Below are the exclusions to our company warranties:

  1. Warpage (bowing, twisting, or cupping) on a 6/8 door exceeding 1/4" in any plane of the door itself and not the door against the frame.
  2. Warpage on a 8/0 door exceeding 1/2" in any plane of the door itself and not the door against the frame.
  3. Doors over 8’ or longer are not covered under warranty unless their thickness is over 2¼".
  4. Any misalignment in hanging the door on its frame will not be covered. Jambs and stops must be square and plumb.
  5. Natural variations in the color or texture of the wood, including surface checking, is considered normal and not a defect.
  6. Panel movement or shrinkage due to temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight is not covered. (Door panel construction is designed to allow movement to a certain degree to the point that unstained edges may show. Once conditions change, the panel will settle to its original position.)
  7. Doors that are not immediately sealed on all six sides will not be warrantied. (Both stain and sealer must be applied.)
  8. We will not warranty physical appearance, finish, or texture applied by others, such as stain. Sealers are not recommended for exterior use.
  9. Severe or excessive exposure to direct southern or western sunlight, rain, or the elements will not be covered. (i.e, sprinklers, melting snow, inappropriate overhang/protection, etc.)
  10. Any mishandling or storage of product.
  11. Any repair or attempt to repair other than East Texas Millwork is not covered.
  12. Hairline separations in the joints are not considered defects. (i.e 1/32" or less)
  13. Damage caused by freight lines, shipping companies, and installers/builders will not be covered.

Shipping & Handling

When you order a door from us, it will be shipped via freight lines and securely crated. Once you receive your product, it must be checked to ensure you received the correct item and it is not damage. We must be notified within five business days if there are any issues. Upon arrival, a quick visual of the product must be performed and noted on the shipping bill of lading. If the product was damaged during shipping, you will be required to file a claim with the freight company. We have the right to make any changes to our warranty as situations may arise.